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About us

17-18 August 2020

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  

The ASIAN International Mobility for Students Programme (AIMS) has been at the core of SEAMEO RIHED’s affairs to nurture future-ready students for the international human capital workforce.

Student mobility is one of the key strategic elements of cooperation that leads to the development of a standardised higher education environment among countries in ASIAN and Southeast ASEAN particularly. Malaysia, being the pioneer of AIMS will make the first move to initiate the 1st conference for AIMS in 2020. This will serve as a great platform to those interested in promoting the internationalisation of higher education in ASIAN countries.

The conference will bring together a fusion of policy makers, practitioners and academics to explore issues, challenges, future directions to further deliberate on innovation and internationalisation to reflect on the latest higher education practices.



Internationalisation Graduate Employability

Innovation in Future Learning and Teaching Methods

Future Branding and the Quality of Higher Education

Challenges of the Future Education System (Student Mobility)